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Superset NT

Вернуться к списку товаров Suitable for companies working various shifts, which can produce prismatic profiles, frames, profiles and linear parts for windows, doors, furniture, garden furniture, boat furniture, effective also for very small batches.


 "MOBILE 10": the new generation electronic control
Fast and automatic machine setupEasy to use thanks to the instructions supplied by the machine software, which minimises risks of errors to a minimum.

SET UP: Very simple profile changes
The patented “set up” system requires just one control making set-up times at part changeover up totwenty times faster.

HSK TECHNOLOGY: quick and precise tool change
The tool chuck spindle technology reduces downtimeand improves the quality of the finished products with high ergonomic consideration for the operator.

Технические характеристики

Superset NT- NTPL

Compositionfrom 4 to 7 spindles
Machining widthfrom 15 to 260 mm
Machining heightfrom 6 to 200 mm
Vertical spindles axial adjustment 80 mm
Horizontal spindles axial adjustment45 mm
Moulding capacity50 mm

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